Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ar-Bebe the Cat and Her Attitudes

She is a fashion icon - she has big eyes, uses makeup of black eyeliner and smokey eyes.
She has a big belly.
She is a material girl that all she wants are cookies and shrimp. 
She has her attitudes that no one should grab her.
She is a cat, and her name is Ar-Bebe. 

She is quite photogenic, and can potentially be a model.
Let's check out her best shots!

 Ar-Bebe's dream is to become a mime, and carry her bunny bunny to travel around the world. 

 The soft side of Ar-Bebe

Yes. I read too!

Ar-Bebe is turned into a puma. 

 What a sweet little angel.

Ar-Bebe's hanging out with her little buddy b the fish tank. Clearly they are talking about gossip, and Ar-Bebe is showing off her nails as well. 

Check out my big eyes!
Oh, I'm hungry!

Unfortunately, Ar-Bebe is eliminated from American's Next Top Model due to the last picture lol.
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