Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Style Decorative Frames - Spring Singing Bird

With spring coming around the corner, we are exciting to announce our new section for ArBebe Boutique: vintage style Decorative Frames! All the vintage style decorative frames are made of solid wood, vintage wallpaper and ECO recycled materials, such as vintage book page from the 1960's and vintage images from calendar catalog, vintage letters, labels  etc. These are one of a kind vintage style decorative frames. All our handmade frames are different and no two wallpaper frame can be cut identical and no two vintage book page can be found the same. This will be a great gift for decorating your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, etc. You can put it on your desk, side table, shelf or wall.

The first fram I want to introduce to you is this lovely spring singing bird decorative frame. This frame is 100% handmade by solid wood, vintage wallpaper and vintage recycled materials, vintage book page from the 1960's and the spring singing bird image from the original 2009 calendar catalog. The frame is painted by the matching antique blue color.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tricks for More Cookies by Ar-Bebe

Usually Ar-Bebe can get 8 cookies in the morning and 8 more in the evening. But she recently learned the trick that if she sits still by the cabinet where stores her cookies and stares at people walking by,  she can make people to give her extra cookies. Now she is sitting at the window sill to practice her trick. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Etsy Giveaways by LoveGemStudio - Druzy Quartz Gold Filled Necklace (Ends 3/16)

I hope you had fun in my last giveaway for the Pearl Oxidized Silver Necklace. However, if you missed that, don't worry and here comes this month's giveaway from LoveGem Studio

With gemstones coming back in full fashion swing, you can't go wrong with this Druzy Quartz. Nature and glamour have officially collided with this necklace. While it has a smooth and natural backside, this gem is completely textured on the top The stone pendant is hand wrapped by 14K gold filled wire.

- Druzy quartz: ~11mm
- The clasp of the chain is marked 14kp
- This design is also available for bracelet
- The default length of the chain is 17" 
- The Jewelry is packed in a sutible gift box

This giveaway ends on 3/16

To enter the giveaways, you can
Easy entry for everyone - just click!! Fav Etsy shop/items, like Facebook, Follow Blog, Tweet. Cheers! 

- Start by going to the entry form below
Submit as many entries as you want 
  (Of course the more entries you submit the higher chance you will get to win!)
- You can also submit the entries daily to increase the chance of winning

The winner will be anounced on March 17th.


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day - 2013!! <3
- from Yin

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ar-Bebe the Cat and Her Attitudes

She is a fashion icon - she has big eyes, uses makeup of black eyeliner and smokey eyes.
She has a big belly.
She is a material girl that all she wants are cookies and shrimp. 
She has her attitudes that no one should grab her.
She is a cat, and her name is Ar-Bebe. 

She is quite photogenic, and can potentially be a model.
Let's check out her best shots!

 Ar-Bebe's dream is to become a mime, and carry her bunny bunny to travel around the world. 

 The soft side of Ar-Bebe

Yes. I read too!

Ar-Bebe is turned into a puma. 

 What a sweet little angel.

Ar-Bebe's hanging out with her little buddy b the fish tank. Clearly they are talking about gossip, and Ar-Bebe is showing off her nails as well. 

Check out my big eyes!
Oh, I'm hungry!

Unfortunately, Ar-Bebe is eliminated from American's Next Top Model due to the last picture lol.
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