Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Style Decorative Frames - Spring Singing Bird

With spring coming around the corner, we are exciting to announce our new section for ArBebe Boutique: vintage style Decorative Frames! All the vintage style decorative frames are made of solid wood, vintage wallpaper and ECO recycled materials, such as vintage book page from the 1960's and vintage images from calendar catalog, vintage letters, labels  etc. These are one of a kind vintage style decorative frames. All our handmade frames are different and no two wallpaper frame can be cut identical and no two vintage book page can be found the same. This will be a great gift for decorating your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, etc. You can put it on your desk, side table, shelf or wall.

The first fram I want to introduce to you is this lovely spring singing bird decorative frame. This frame is 100% handmade by solid wood, vintage wallpaper and vintage recycled materials, vintage book page from the 1960's and the spring singing bird image from the original 2009 calendar catalog. The frame is painted by the matching antique blue color.

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