Friday, July 27, 2012

Dream Pink | Tri-Fold Handstitched Leather Purse

Supper! Finally I finished this lovely purse. I am sure all ladies will like it ;)

This purse has three compartments. When you open the main cover, it shows the inner section. After you open the second cover, it has two inside compartments and one zipper pocket. It also comes with 6 credit card slots. Each slot is made of one piece of leather, so 6 slots contains 6 pieces. Every three pieces were stacked and hand-stitched. Alright, in summary, it has: 3 open pockets, one zipper pocket and 6 card slots. Just more than enough for organizing all your stuff. A knitted flower of eggshell color is sewed on the top for decoration. 

Most parts of the purse were hand-stitched. The leather pieces was hand cut. Next the holes were hand punched, and then hand stitched. arms feel so tired now. 

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